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If you have a disability, it can often be difficult to find a job that you really want to do. After all, while discrimination is against the law, that does not mean some employees do not discriminate.

That is why many people with disabilities look for their jobs with a company called SourceAmerica -- a non-profit that specializes in helping those with disabilities find extremely good jobs.

Why is SourceAmerica a good option? -- Not only is SourceAmerica experienced in helping people with disabilities find jobs, all of the jobs it helps fill are from employers that do not discriminate.

That means by just using SourceAmerica, you have immediately increased your ability to find a good job.

What types of jobs does SourceAmerica fill? -- SourceAmerica works with the Federal government and hundreds of nonprofit agencies. The jobs they fill cover the gamut from administrative to managerial and everything in between.

Typical jobs are things like Volunteer Coordinator, Administrative Assistant, Accounts Executive and Sales Manager. All of these jobs are sourced from nonprofits or government agencies specifically looking for people with disabilities to hire.

This is why many people who have applied for jobs through SourceAmerica Careers and Employment have been lucky.

What is the application process like? -- The SourceAmerica application process is just like with any other employment agency.

You will need to send them your resume and a recent photograph, along with a cover letter explaining your background, education and experience and the type of job you are looking for at the moment.

SourceAmerica will then go to work and try to find a job for you that fits your experience and that currently needs to be filled.

SourceAmerica Careers and Employment may just help you find the perfect job where other agencies have not come visit